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Isn't It Time You Had A Professional Web Site?

An Investment In Your Future

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"Web Sites Made Easy!"

Huh? That's What They All Say...

You've heard that slogan before, and they never were actually easy. It was some complicated piece of software or confusing web interface you had to learn. If you invested the time and energy to learn it, and got something up, you then got emails from annoyed users.

Or maybe you went with your nephew because young people know all about this computer stuff. But again, those emails came in... blind users who complained your site wasn't usable and shouted at you about the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Users of obscure browsers who said your site was broken and didn't work and accused you of being Microsoft groupies. People complain, but when you look at the site it looks just fine.

Or worse, maybe you didn't get emails and therefore don't know how your site is broken. Rather your customers just went elsewhere.

"Web Sites Made Whiz-Bang Kewl!"

But Does "Kewl" Get You Customers?

They say "it's the 21st century", so your web site should have streaming media and Flash and all sorts of "kewl" stuff.

Unless your customers don't.

We used to check all the grocery ads online and plan for my shopping before we left for the store. One site decided to "upgrade" and convert all their grocery ads to Flash format. The browser we checked with didn't have Flash installed and their site didn't even give an error message. We emailed them repeatedly that their site was broken and we couldn't access the ads, but they couldn't help because they saw it just fine so couldn't see a problem. One day, we happened to check in a different browser that had the Flash plug-in and saw the ads and realized why we couldn't access them. All we need to do is install software specifically for reading their ads in order to be able to see their ads.

Well, guess what? We don't shop there anymore. They made it difficult for us to do so. Customers don't jump through hoops to use your services when your competitor makes it easy for them.

There's nothing wrong with implementing "kewl" stuff if that's what you want to do. We have to admit we've built a few Flash sites ourselves. But when we built them, all non-Flash-users could still use the sites!

Too often while focusing on the "kewl" stuff, developers are simply not knowledgeable about how to do it so all users can use your site.

Some Straight Talk About Web Sites

ADA-Compliance and Browser-Compatibility

ADA-compliance is about making web sites accessible to handicapped people. In your store, you probably have considered making sure wheelchairs can get through. But have you considered making your web site accessible? Can blind people "read" your site? Can color-blind people tell which fields in your form have been highlighted as having an error? Is that story uploaded as a sound file provided in an alternative format for deaf people?

And then there's all these ornery people who use non-standard software. We know about this, 'cause we're them ourselves! If your site doesn't work when we visit, we just click and go somewhere else.

Your site looks right to you in your browser, which is probably the browser that 75% of the people online use. but... you wouldn't throw 25% of your customers out of your store, would you? Why throw them off your web site?

The Experienced Advantage

It Takes Skill And We've Got It

We're experienced programmers and we've got the resume to prove it.

We've built a large variety of different of web sites to meet different needs.

And we have a lot of quite happy customers

But more importantly, we're experienced users!

We Build Truly User-Friendly Sites

Because We're Experienced Users Ourselves!

We've been online forever 'cause we're geeks. We still spend much of our free time online. So if it can be done stupidly, we've seen it. Sites where you can't find basic information or store hours. Sites where you have to sign-up to even look at what the place is selling. Sites where the error message is in bright red to let everyone except the color-blind see it standing out.

We've seen every dumb, confusing web site from the user's viewpoint so we know what to avoid.

Sometimes in the rush to make things as "kewl" as possible, developers forget the most basic things. Can your customers find your phone number or store hours easily? It doesn't help to impress your customers if they can't easily buy from you!

They Don't Call Us Ornery For Nothing!

The Customer is NOT Always Right!

Regardless of how much you do or do not know about the web, one of the things you pay for when you're hiring real professionals is advice.

If you tell us what you want to achieve, we'll tell you the best way to do it. And if you ask for something that isn't quite right, we'll tell you that too.

For example, a customer was referred to us early in 2006 that wanted e-commerce capabilities added to their nonprofit site. They were a small nonprofit and received very few hits to their site relative to some other sites we have built. We explained that in our experience, accepting donations via credit card was unlikely to return their investment on enabling e-commerce. In other words, we told them it was foolish to hire us, better to just put up a copy of their current paper form.

Another example was a customer who wanted us to build them an e-communications application. We built the editing, proofing and approval functions on their site, but suggested they use a vendor for the actual mail sending, with built-in marketing support. The vendor would cost a few bucks per month, building their own solution would've cost tens of thousands of dollars - and not had nearly the features available from the vendor.

If there's a better way to do something in terms of cost, efficiency, or usability, we'll be the first to tell you... because we prefer doing it right to just making money. We consider giving solid advice to customers to be part of what we do.

Professional Design Doesn't Have to be Expensive

But Your Nephew Doesn't Cut It Either

We're not outsourced foreigners or school kids with no understanding of American consumers. We're professionals and we charge professional rates. Even so, a professionally designed web site is likely much less expensive than you think. A brochure type site with around ten pages of content is likely to cost around $1000-2500 total, including hosting and domain name registration.

Costs do go up as the complexity of your project increases. But the more complex the project is, the more you need someone professional to manage it to avoid a fiasco. A bargain price isn't frugal if you never see a return on your investment.

Maybe you had the sense to hire some serious professional geeks. And they talked to you about all sorts of details you didn't want to know... site hosting, domain name registration, preferred server-side languages, database-driven sites, back-end, front-end, who cares? All you wanted was a web site.

Or... maybe you want to know what all that stuff means, but need someone who won't blather over your head nor speak to you like you're an idjit. If you want to learn, check out our web course.

Or maybe you do know what all those terms means and just don't want someone talking down to you.

Look, we know you're not stupid. You're running a successful business! You know your stuff. We respect that. And we know our stuff. We'll treat you as a professional without talking over your head.

You know what your business needs are.

How come you can't just get what you need?

You know you need some geek help. Maybe you need someone to fix a web site that is broken in some way. Or maybe you don't have a web site at all and aren't sure if you need one or not. Or maybe you need advice on what exactly your web site should contain, but how do you find qualified geek help?

If you try to talk to a geek, you find they say stuff like "screen resolution" and "pixels" and "server-side language" and "standards compliant" and "JavaScript". But you just want a web site!

You ask how much all this gobbledygook will cost and find they say "graphic design" and "coding" and "domain name registration" and "hosting". But how much does it cost?

You just don't speak geek. Do you have to hire a translator just to have a web site?

We Speak English and Geek!

We Live in the Real World, Not in a Basement Somewhere

While we've both worked in Information Technology (IT) jobs, we have also worked independently with clients as diverse as small businesses, government organizations, non-profits and even individuals. Heck, we've even both worked with over-the-road truck drivers. We live in the real world and know how to talk to real people.

We speak normal English, talking to you about your business needs and your goals for your web site, learning your likes and dislikes, and translating your business needs into technological requirements.

One-Stop Shopping

Simplify your IT

We can handle a wide variety of IT tasks to simplify your life. We can arrange domain name registration, web hosting, email, and many other IT services. If you're a small business without an IT staff, we can manage things for you so you only have one IT bill to deal with and one person to call if you have problems.

Alternatively, we can just handle your web site. It's up to you.

"Geekiness is Our Business"

Success Starts With ornery-geeks

If you have a web site, we offer a free evaluation of your site. And if it's built right, we'll tell you that too!

If you don't have a site yet, we offer a free consultation to discuss your internet goals and how to best implement them.

In either case, this service is entirely complimentary and implies no obligation on your part.

Contact us today to request your free evaluation or consultation.

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